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About Me

  • I am a 5th year EECS MS Student at UC Berkeley working with the wonderful Professor Avishay Tal. I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, but have a particular affinity for property testing, Boolean function analysis, and complexity theory.

  • I also love teaching, and am currently a head TA for Berkeley's course on probability and stochastic processes, EECS 126 (if you're looking for my notes or want to give feedback, see the teaching section).

  • Outside of school, I am particularly fond of ping pong, having been president of Cal's table tennis club (CalTTC) and done a bit of competing myself. I also enjoy soccer, tennis, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and hiking! I also like board games and escaping from rooms.

  • Email: mwhitmeyer (at) berkeley (dot) edu



  • I am currently a TA for EECS 126 (Probability and Stochastic Processes) and have typed up some notes which are a constant work in progress.
  • If you have feedback for me as a 126 TA, you are welcome and encouraged to fill out this google form!

Older Projects

Before I became interested in theory, I dabbled in projects on islanding in energy grids, battery life maximization, and regression for biological datasets.

  • Islanding and Self-Sufficiency of Block-Scale Microgrids link
    • Aminy Ostfeld, Michael Whitmeyer, Alexandra Von Meier
    • IEEE Green Technologies Conference (2018)

  • EcoBlock: Grid Impacts, Scaling, and Resilience link
    • Aminy Ostfeld, Alexandra Von Meier, Michael Whitmeyer, Mohini Bariya
    • Full Report

  • Block-level microgrids for power system resilience: Scaling and impacts link
    • Aminy Ostfeld, Michael Whitmeyer, Alexandra Von Meier
    • CIRED Workshop Conference (2018)

  • Reinforcement Learning-based Fast Charging Control Strategy for Li-ion Batteries link
    • Saehong Park, Andrea Pozzi, Michael Whitmeyer, Hector Perez, Won Tae Joe, Davide M Raimondo, Scott Moura
    • 2020 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA)


  • Discrepancy Minimization, a writeup on recent developments in algorithmic discrepancy minimization. Final Project for CS270 (Combinatorial Algorithms).
  • Battery Life Utilizes LSTMs and Attention to predict the useful life of batteries. Final Project for CS182 (Deep Learning).
  • Measurement-Based QC A writeup on various techniques for Measurement-Based Quantum Computing as well as few more recent results/implications.
I also started a blog recently, which you can find here. I plan on just talking about theoretical computer science and life there.
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