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About Me

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  • I am a 4th year EECS Student at UC Berkeley working in Professor Jennifer Listgarten's research lab. Lately, I have also become more interested in theoretical computer science. When I am not thinking about that, I also like to play table tennis, soccer, and board games. I also like to escape from rooms.
  • Email: mwhitmeyer (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Some Research

  • Islanding and Self-Sufficiency of Block-Scale Microgrids link
    • A. Ostfeld, M. Whitmeyer, A. Von Meier
    • IEEE Green Technologies Conference (2018)

  • EcoBlock: Grid Impacts, Scaling, and Resilience link
    • A. Ostfeld, A. Von Meier, M. Whitmeyer, M. Bariya
    • Full Report

  • Block-level microgrids for power system resilience: Scaling and impacts link
    • A. Ostfeld, M. Whitmeyer, A. Von Meier
    • CIRED Workshop Conference (2018)

Some Projects

  • Discrepancy Minimization, a writeup on recent developments in algorithmic discrepancy minimization. Final Project for CS270 (Combinatorial Algorithms).
  • Battery Life Utilizes LSTMs and Attention to predict the useful life of batteries. Final Project for CS182 (Deep Learning).
  • Measurement-Based QC A writeup on various techniques for Measurement-Based Quantum Computing as well as few more recent results/implications.


  • I am currently a TA for EECS 126 (Probability and Stochastic Processes) and have started typing up some notes which are a work in progress.


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